UK welcomes overseas business as part of BrexitWith Theresa May finally making some sort of announcement about Brexit and confirming it’s going full steam ahead in spring next year, it seems like finally – whether you wanted it or not – Brexit is actually going to happen. The value of the GBP dropped further following the announcement, which was inevitable, and the UK is very likely bracing itself for a bit of an economic rough sea for a while.

At the risk of looking like ambulance chasers, there is however good news to be had from this if you’re in the export business, as we are; certainly for now as we are still officially part of Europe and still have our free trade pass, for a while anyway. Because it simply means that financially, there has never been a better time to come to the UK for your conference or event.

The period between now and whatever happens in Q2 of 2017 will probably be the best ever time for European groups to come to the UK for an event. Groups thinking of taking advantage of the weak pound and current lack of restrictions – if you were ever thinking of coming here for your annual summit or conference, any time between today and April 2017 is your golden time.

The future following the triggering of Article 50 is uncertain. It seems like that the UK will continue to work with the rest of Europe closely but the move from the EU potentially opens up new trade routes with the East, the Americas, the Pacific Rim – so it’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds.

But for now, we suggest you take full advantage of the low GBP and get yourselves here. As I write this today, GBP is actually worth less than the Euro if you’re buying it at the airport.

The Brexit situation might not be what almost half the UK wants but for those people working with overseas groups, we can only work with what we have. And what we have right now is a very favourable climate for inbound business. Find out more – we offer free proposals and sample itineraries. We’ve got years of experience handling inbound business. Get in touch for a free proposal and advice.

Come to the UK for your event
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