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Ironically, some of the Christmas party showcases that we actually made it to this year were held on the hottest days of the year. There’s nothing quite as hilarious as venue staff dressed as elves handing out mince pies when it’s 30 degrees in the shade. We shouldn’t laugh really…

But we are seriously well into Christmas party bookings now, across Brighton, London and the rest of the UK, and it’s been great checking out some of the themes and trends of Christmas 2016. So in order to make booking Christmas as easy as possible for you and show you how to get the best from an event planner and make the best of your budget, we thought we’d put together a little guide…


OK so we have to put this one top of the list, obviously. We know clients sometimes shy away from event planners because they worry it’s going to cost them money. Actually it’s often the opposite. Event planners often don’t charge the client as much of their income is from venue or supplier commissions, and if they do charge you, not only are they able to haggle better rates for you, making back some of your budget anyway – the biggest thing is having them take away the slog of all the work. Anyone who has put together an event knows how long it takes. What is your time worth? Looking especially at you, PAs and EAs.

The shared party or joiner party explosion continues apace. It’s a no-brainer for smaller businesses or private groups – join a huge party with all the fun of the large scale event, but only take a table, or a few seats even. But unless you have a very clear idea which party you’re going to book this can be a massive choice too, especially in large cities. This is where we can be really helpful – we are paid a commission for booking clients in to shared Christmas parties so guess what? You can get us to find your perfect party – for free.


OK so finding private space is already tough now by August, especially for larger groups. There’s only so many Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays that work each December and getting good event space can be hard, with some groups booking in January! Maybe you want your Christmas in January!? We can help with that too. However, our know-how means we often have places up our sleeves that you wouldn’t think of when everything else seems to be booked out/too expensive/not the right thing, so it’s worth asking. And guess what? That’s a free service to the client too.

Christmas is pretty much our favourite time of year for themed events. We get to muck about with snow machines, build Narnia wardrobe entrances, create sparkling tablecentres and icicles, bring you the glamour of James Bond… even create a Hawaiian beach party! People are like big kids when it comes to Christmas and we’re right there with them. But it’s hard working putting stuff like that together, unless you’re used to doing it year in, year out, and have the best little black book for creatives. Ask us for a quote. Simples.

Casinotable bookings for Christmas parties5. THE LITTLE THINGS
OK, so our favourite way of working is to meet the client at the outset, help find them the perfect venue, organise the site visits and be involved along the way to put the event together with them, but that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes clients come to us because they need a live band or DJ. Maybe a compére dressed as Santa! Perhaps they need casino tables or some theming. Maybe they just want us to find them a venue when it’s already November and they can’t find a space for love nor money! Any and all of these things are cool with us. Just ask. We will always do whatever we can to help, however tall the order.

If you’d like some help with Christmas, just ask. Quotes are always free and we’ve been working this stuff for years and years. We really can help you create the best Christmas party!

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