CSI team buildingWe spend enough time sitting at our screens, right? So when we suggest to clients that they might like an experiential event, many of them feel excited. A chance to step away from being just another bystander, and actually get involved in a live, immersive event.

Experiential events mean you get to be part of what is going on. To experience it for yourself, not simply have someone stand in front of you and tell you all about it. This could be anything from engaging in virtual reality games to involving people in a live theatrical event. Perhaps it’s a CSI job or murder trail across several locations, or an immersive drama in which you guys are the players. Drive to meet your contact in a deserted car park or receive your instructions by code in a spy game, or enter an empty warehouse to kill zombies, or rescue a kidnap. Set up your own meth lab and beat the dealers. Will it feel real? Will it be scary? You bet it will. Or maybe you’re the creator and director. Playing with your puppets to make your own movie…

Spy game experiential event

It’s not just about playing though. How about your senses? Sensory experiences can be electrifying, transporting you to new dimensions. Combine food and drink with sound, scents and surroundings. Blindfolded? What can you do with your hands? Can you make music? Cocktails created to match a mood and a moment, or food that you’ve created yourselves to serve each other? Teamwork? Definitely.

Theming falls into the experiential category, although we have a special place in our hearts for themed parties, so more about those later. And fear and excitement are all part of this. Your own theme park rides. But if you are the kind of people to DO, rather than watch, get in touch, and let us transform your event.