Unconference plannersIf you would like something that does the same job as a conference but that breaks the traditional mould, what you should investigate is the unconference. And we are good unconference planners.

The unconference is about dismantling the traditional conference format and making the event free-flowing. Instead of having a pre-set itinerary for the event, the conference itself is led and focused by the delegates across the event venue. So instead of passive attendance, delegates are encouraged to form the event’s structure themselves, with moderators on hand to provide guidance. You can break up your whole event like this, or part of it, to offer more flexibility. We are seeing more and more of this becoming the norm at contemporary events.


HOW DOES IT WORK?Unconference planners
Effectively, groups tend to break off to meet and discuss issues relevant to them. It’s usual for there to be multiple rooms, often offering live visual link-ups and streaming to connect the different areas of the unconference. Small huddles may form, or larger rooms taken over for impromptu sessions. But the overall concept is to offer some freedom, and ensure that delegates spend time connecting with the people that they need to spend time with. Its focus is to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ format of the traditional conference.

Individual planning ahead is important to make the unconference work, so that delegates arrive knowing what their options are and what they want to achieve from the day. So communication ahead of the event is vital, or formless anarchy breaks out! It’s also vital to have great Wi-Fi as delegates tend to work from laptops across a large group area and even into public areas. But this free-flowing format is shaping the way workers and associates meet and share ideas. If you want to know more, including some ideas about how to make this work, for your own event, please get in touch.