90s themed party rave themeWe saw it on the runways at New York Fashion Week and now London has confirmed it. The 90s are well and truly back once again like a renegade master. And where fashion dares to tread, event themes and culture follow fast in its footsteps.

We are totally overexcited about our exclusive summer party theme, celebrating in all its hedonistic glory the excitement of the 90s warehouse rave party, the thrill of the chase, the insane projections and of course house music all night long. This theme is edgy and exciting and definitely not for those who want a nice safe do with a hog roast and a covers band…

Jack Your Body

The Ware90s party theme rave vodka jelly shotshouse Experience

Join us for a swift rewind, back to the old school, back to Sunrise. This summer enjoy a taste of the Summer of Love and revisits the magic of the warehouse event.



Set the tone
Receive your invite with a phone number on it – you’ll need to call this number to find out where your party destination is. When you get there, will you make it through the police blockade?! Will your party end up being ‘busted’!? Dodge the rozzers, work your way in. Once inside, grab your ice cold cocktail or maybe a vodka jelly shot, and open up your golden envelope. Inside are your food and drink tickets for the night – and a vast wrap of sherbet and space dust. Keep this – it’s for sprinkling into your next drink!

90s rave theme party DJ technics warehouse old schoolParty like it’s 1992
Inside, the event space can be broken up into several areas – how about a main warehouse dance space with DJ, old school projections, and interactive projected games on the wall that you can log into and play using your smartphone. Walls can be lined with and covered in graffiti. Part of the wall space is given over to blackboard space and there’s mountains of giant colourful chalks to play with. Get creative

Another space will be the chill out area, full of soft cushions, rugs and warm colours. Oil lamps and low tables, this is a place to sit and relax

Food could be served at any number of food stands – depending on the venue – or we can work to creatDancers at beach party rave 90s party themee an exciting themed menu to match the party. Could be a street food setup with long tables, or a crazy themed dinner with more formal setting? This could even be a wedding theme, and is perfect for clients wanting an outside festival event for summer.

House music all night long
And what rave would be complete without the great outdoors?! We can grass rooms with AstroTurf, have a canopied DJ booths and even trees lining the room – just so you can relive the hedonistic excitement of your very own ‘illegal rave’ in a field – or you could actually just party in a real field! Ask us – we have some amazing outdoor spaces.

90s themed party rave theme


Your party, your way
We have loads of other ideas for this theme and it’s totally flexible – the best thing you can do is contact us and we can tell you a bit more about it. And yes, we can tame it down a bit if you need us to, don’t worry. We can bring in projections, junglist pirate radio station broadcasts, create flyers for your invitations and loads more. We’ve been working on this one for a while and it’s AWESOME!


For more information about The Warehouse Experience please email us here or fill out the quick enquiry form here

Back to the 90s – exclusive warehouse party theme
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