Virtual reality experiential eventsThey say to understand how someone feels you need to walk a mile in their shoes. And experiential events is the equivalent of that as part of your live event experience. When it comes to delivering a message or launching a new product, for people to truly grasp a brand or a concept there’s really only one way to ensure they get it. They need to roll up their sleeves and get involved.

Creating the experience and living through the practice offers unbeatable knowledge and ultimately delivers a far greater understanding or delivery. And can be a fun ride along the way!

It’s not all about learning though. Experiential events are all about show, not tell, and are simply often just about experiencing something. And that something could be anything from a wine tasting or driving a fast car, to playing a new game or engaging in role play. Experiential activity is often a big part of a team building day. It’s all about standing in those shoes and trying it for yourselves. Experiential can also be that touch of luxury though, such as experiencing first class travel and five star treatment… every incentive has the potential to be an experiential heaven!

We like experiential here. We work with experts from a huge range of different backgrounds to offer our participants a chance to involve themselves in the actual narrative of the event. A chance to be the pilot, drive the tank, paint the picture or taste the magic. And, at the same time, understand and connect.


  1. Live game play
    With the use of projections it’s possible to turn the huge areas into a 3D mapping game zone and for you to run games tournaments in your teams just using little iPads or tablets as your console. How cool? We love this one for Eristoff vodka – and we can help you create something similar for your own event. And it’s really not as expensive as it looks…


2. Sensory experiences
Play with your senses. We absolutely loved this experiential event from House of Gastrophonic, working with the Mixology Group. Held at Wilderness, there were three phases to the experience and each phase was matched with music, sound, colour, scents and cocktails using ingredients to evoke a sensory wow factor… Would your team like something like this? We can definitely create a sensory journey for you…

3. Create something out of the ordinary
This massive sleepover at Ikea happened after a Facebook fan page was created called ‘I wanna have a sleepover in Ikea’. Always on the ball with their marketing, Ikea gave 100 of the fans exactly that chance. What an amazing brand exercise, and enormous fun. Could you think of something like this for your group? If not, I bet we could give you some suggestions…

Anyway, these are just a handful of ideas. If you’d like to create something a bit different for your events and experiential events feels like the right thing for you, get in touch and let us come up with some crazy, amazing ideas for you!

3 exciting experiential ideas for events
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