Whoop! Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s a good chance it’s because you’re getting married, so let’s just say hurrah and blessings straight off. We love a bit of romance and here we’re going to look at some top wedding themes.

When planning a wedding it’s often tempting to really go for a crazy theme, but in our experience the best weddings are those that have a lighter touch. So if you want your Alice in Wonderland or your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, we can do those, but the ones below are the wedding themes that we as wedding planners see a lot of…


DIY wedding rustic chic vintage1 The DIY/Vintage wedding
This is so huge right now, driven largely by happy couples needing to tighten their belts. But this is a theme that can also encourage lots of people to get involved, making floral displays, buttonholes, helping with bunting and even with making cakes or special favours. There’s a real sense of creating something beautiful together as a group and it’s a lovely way to start married life together.



2 Seasonal weddingsWinter wedding arrangement
We love it when you can bring a bit of nature into play and weddings that fall clearly within seasons – particularly winter and summer – can drive a beautiful theme. Winter weddings often have a Wonderland theme, with whites and crystals and purples, all frosting and berries and twinkly stuff. And summer weddings make the use of the warmth, of beautiful floral displays and décor and outside venues like marquees. For this also see ‘Rustic Chic’ – which connects you with nature and offers some beautiful looks and venues.


Festival wedding rustic chic vintage wedding3 Festival weddings
Definitely one for the festie-heads out there! This is a great way to celebrate your nuptials if you like nothing better than getting outside in the fresh air and dancing your socks off. Marquees, live music, food stands and glamping. Your very own festival of love!





4 Black & WhiteBlack and white wedding theme
OK, so this one sounds simple, and maybe it is; but it’s SO classy. We’d always suggest you let guests know they don’t have to wear black and white as that’s often what they think, but a room themed in mono with people in mono is kinda, well, mono. But this can be a beautiful, classic theme. We’d throw in some sparkly stuff too, and really jazz this one up.



Indian Wedding theme

5 Ethnic theme
Indian and Asian weddings are always a lavish, stunning affair, but you don’t necessarily have to be Indian or Asian to bring some of that rich colour and gorgeous theming to your own. Particularly if you’re looking at a summer event. Moroccan tents are also hugely popular as a funky alternative to marquees. Bring some colour to that special day.


We’ve got loads of other ideas so if you want some help, ask the experts. More than anything, wedding planning can take months of planning. Seriously, even finding the right venue can take forever. So using a creative events agency can really help.

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Five top wedding themes

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