Space hopper school sports day team buildingAs the Olympics brings home our Team GB heroes we are as a nation united in our joy (for a change!) and revelling in our unprecedented success. And across the UK people are using events to celebrate the best of being British.

Rewind four years and we remember only too well how fantastic the Olympics was in terms of its impact on the events market and the domestic economy as a whole. Not only did we see a massive rise in enthusiasm for holding events, but we had the most enormous fun putting together themed ‘British’ events. We didn’t expect this year’s Olympics to have the same kind of impact but it seems we underestimated. The UK has gone sports crazy. ‘British theme’ crazy really.

This week we had a job come in for a Team GB themed Christmas party. We’re still working on the content but I can tell you it’s packed with red white and blue lighting, a mad colonel as a compere, men in kilts, half a hockey team and a Mo Farrah lookalike so far! They’ve asked us to make it really fun and very silly. But we’ve also had a conference team approach us for some inspirational sports speakers, another event ask for a very stylish ‘Best of British’ gala dinner theme, and a team building day built around the Olympics, as a team sports day, complete with Space Hopper races and the egg and spoon. It seems that again – for a while anyway! – it’s cool to be GB. And we’re having great fun with it!

British Afternoon Tea for eventsAnd if that wasn’t enough, Great British Bake Off is back on our screens, leaving everyone salivating over cakes and buns. Is there anything more British than a nice cup of tea and a cake?! How do you fancy a cookery team building event? Or a jazzy afternoon tea for your party instead of a traditional dinner or canapes?! If theming is more your bag, this opens up a whole new area, such as Alice in Wonderland events or Victorian Christmas parties. You’d be amazed how we can shoehorn British theming into the smallest (or largest) events.

Feeling the need to get British!? If you’re feeling a mad rush of love for Team GB and you’d like to join in the celebrations, give us a shout. Email us, or head to our Contact page and tell us a bit about what you’d like for your event.

Best of British themed events
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