Willy Wonka theme
How about some giant lollipop props, or just some giant lollipops to lick!?

So today is Roald Dahl Day. Seriously – it’s a thing! Every year on his birthday there’s a bit of a celebration with dressing up and fundraising and all sorts, but this year it’s a big one and today marks 100 years since his birth.

Sad timing, then, Gene Wilder shuffling off to that great big chocolate factory in the sky in the same month. We were all very sad to see the enduring funnyman leave us – the Wonka that launched a million memes.

So to celebrate, we’re making a bit of a song and dance about Willy Wonka and a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme for your party. Really, who on earth wouldn’t love this?! Whether you have a simple Willy Wonka theme for a dinner, or a wider inclusion of the theme for a Wonka party – or even WonkaFest! – there’s loads of ways to bring a touch of magic to your event. We love the idea of a Wonka themed festival.

Willy Wonka theme golden ticket
Set the tone with a Golden Ticket invite, whether it’s printed and sent in a bar of chocolate, or emailed as a digital invite

OK, so this probably goes without saying but what else are you going to kick this off with other than golden tickets? These could be actual printed ones sent out as a personal invitation to your attendees, buried in a bar of chocolate, or you can easily email something for a simpler version. How about a virtual search for a golden ticket in an online game?! Loads of fun to be had here. Make everyone excited before you even get there.

Set the scene from the get-go. Not just a red carpet – how about a crazy purple or yellow carpet, with Oompa Loompas and crazy stiltwalkers to guide you through the factory gates (purple gates, obviously). Walk through a forest of giant lollipops and candy canes? Grab a glass of fizzy lifting ‘lemonade’ (ahem) on the way in?!

So contrary to our beliefs, a three course chocolate menu isn’t apparently always a great idea. Perhaps some kind of savoury items might be good, say our clients, and who are we to argue? But there’s ways to include the theme as part of a meal. How about ditching dessert and having a massive sweet stall to choose from? Gigantic lollipops, Wonka bars, sherbet fountains, chocolate fountains! Get your sugar rush ON!

Willy Wonka theme
Cameras at the ready, as you turn into a Wonka character!

Sadly we can’t promise that everything in the room will be edible, but we can make it feel magical. Props are a good way forward here – all of the above plus giant coloured trees and flowers, huge toadstools, six foot high striped candy bags – we can even bring you licensed Quentin Blake peep-through boards for photos! Imagine your face on Verruca Salt’s body. Or Willy Wonka’s!

We know you’re going to want a good dance. How about an Oompa Loompa flashmob dance with your team? Or we can arrange a Willy Wonka compere to hold your event together, and guide you through the whole crazy trip! Get some photographs of the night, eat yourself silly on sugar and collapse in fits of giggles

The options are endless. If you like this idea, maybe for a Christmas party special, or a themed party, please ask us. There’s options to suit all budgets

Willy Wonka party theme
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