Brazilian Olympic themed eventOK, so finally we’ve been bitten by the bug, we admit it. Samba is playing in the office and we’re all thinking about the Olympics in Rio. We’re really thinking about a Brazilian themed party, or holding our own Olympics!

It’s a very summery feeling and theme, but it made us think… if you’re the sort of group that’s left it until now to book a summer party, or perhaps you’ve got a conference coming up in Autumn with a party or team building exercise, maybe you fancy a Brazilian Olympic theme. How about a Brazilian Christmas party!?

Olympic themed party planning is nothing new to us – the London 2012 party seemed to run for ages, and saw everything from the insanity of Olympic themed sports days to huge gala dinners where each table became a different country complete with quizzes, fancy dress and plenty of horsing around.

It can be a stylish affair though if you prefer. There is some amazing Brazilian food to be exBrazilian themed partyplored for inspiration, with lots of fresh zingy, zesty flavours; and of course stunning cocktails! Caipirinha anyone? For the event décor, obviously there’s the Olympic theme, and lots of sporting props, but a really sophisticated take on the thing would be using a Brazilian colour scheme – gold and blue and green throughout on silky drapes and using classy lighting – can offer a really lovely setting for a chic party. And as for the music… stir your senses and move your hips to the heady sound of samba, bossa nova and funk.

Anyway. We’re all a bit obsessed, so if you’re planning a party and you want something exciting, ask us about our Brazilian themed party ideas. Whether it’s a fun team building day, crazy silly dinner or a sophisticated event, even a Brazilian themed Christmas party, there’s loads of ideas in our heads, and we need to share them.

Have your own Brazilian themed party
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